Development of Turkey-Germany Logistics Sector
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Rubin Logistics offers logistics services with its infrastructure and high standard service quality to the logistics sector, which is becoming more and more important every day in the globalizing world order, especially between Turkey and the European Union countries, and especially in Germany, international cooperation in the region in order to realize high volume of goods, raw materials and product flow in a safe, fast and correct cost.
According to the report of the Ministry of Commerce dated April 2021, Germany ranks first in the list of countries with the highest exports in 2020 with a volume of 15 billion 980 million dollars and 9.4% share in overall exports. Again, according to the same report, Germany ranks second in the list of countries with the highest import in 2020, after China, with a volume of 21 billion 733 million dollars and a share of 9.9% in overall imports. With a total foreign trade volume of approximately 38 billion dollars, Germany is one of Turkey's most important trade destinations.
Today, 25 cents of every $ 1 spent on manufacturing in the world is spent on logistics activities. With the same perspective, Turkey is rapidly advancing towards its goal of becoming a logistics base in its own region in order to increase its trade potential with the European Union, where 40% of world trade takes place and 7% of the world population lives, especially in the west. It is important for Turkish companies to have strong cooperation in international and especially countries and regions where our foreign trade volume is very high in achieving this goal. Rubin Logistics bears an important responsibility as one of the strongest companies in the Turkey-Germany line.

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