It is the Turkish partner of Emons Logistics and Roman Mayer Group, one of the global logistics giants
Rubin Logistics was founded by Tolga Tarakcıoğlu in 2015, based on 25 years of international experience in the sector thanks to its many domestic and multinational customer portfolios. It is the Turkish partner of Emons and Roman Mayer, one of the worldwide logistics giants. Together with its foreign partners, it produces fast, reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics solutions in all continental Europe.


Rubin Logistics, one of the companies with the widest service network in Europe, especially in Germany, has adopted the principle of fast and safe transportation in road transportation. With its modern fleet and its strong organization system with its foreign partners, it continues its logistics activities at minimum cost and maximum speed.


With its constantly developing technological infrastructure, equipment, fleet and expert staff, Rubin Logistics is taking firm steps towards the future aiming to increase brand reliability and to provide services with the aim of providing hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Our Solution Partners

Together with our 100% German-owned group logistics companies and solution partners, we are pleased to offer our customers the Rubin quality in our transportation services

International certificates we have

C2 Certificate of Authority

TIO Certificate of Authority

CMR Convention

UND and HIB Membership

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 18001

ISO 27001

Since the day it was founded, Rubin Logistics has been producing sincere solutions in green logistics, placing environmentally friendly logistics practices at the center of its activities with its modern and continuously renewed vehicle fleet.