Partial Transportation

Rubin Logistics' s experienced team carries your partial loads in the fastest way with an innovative and reliable service approach.

Fast and Safe

Process analysis and planning service

Widespread Collection Network

Quick solution with our wide partner network abroad

Partial Loads

Complete and Partial transportation experience

Experienced team

Experienced chauffeur group on the route of Germany

Customer Focused Solutions

Transit and express transportation

Online Tracking System

Our customers can inquire about the load status online

Rubin Logistics, which serves the entire continental Europe for less than 3 tons and Germany for 3 tons and above, provides organization through Emons in all other service regions.

Turkey - Germany

  • Scheduled check-out 3 days a week
  • Domestic intermediate shipping service
  • Export warehouse service

Germany - Turkey

  • Scheduled check-out 3 days a week
  • Coordinated interim transport and storage service with more than 35 branches in Germany
  • Overseas customs clearance and documentation service
  • Express transport service within Germany

We Produce Fast, Reliable, Sustainable Logistics Solutions with Our Strong Partners in All Land Europe.